Community Champion steps down from Torbay Council

Torbay Liberal Democrats regret to announce that Rick Heyse, Liberal Democrat Councillor for
Goodrington with Roselands, will be stepping down with immediate effect due to a change in
personal circumstances.

Commenting on his decision, Rick Heyse said, “It was an absolute privilege and honour to be elected
to Torbay Council for Goodrington with Roselands and help the new administration turn the tide on
poverty in Torbay. Unfortunately my personal circumstances have changed, which mean that I
cannot continue in the demanding role of being a Councillor.

“However I am really pleased that the new Liberal Democrat/Independent administration have
made such a great start with the news about the regeneration of Crossways, the establishment of a
£100 million pound Economic Growth Fund and the commitment to increasing the numbers of
affordable homes in Torbay. The new administration have also reset the relationship with the
Government which has resulted in the invitations from Ministers to bid for the Future High Streets
Fund for Paignton, and the Towns Fund for Torquay. There has also been increased investments
from business. I wish the new administration well.”

The Leader of Torbay Council Cllr Steve Darling said, “Given Rick’s commitment to social justice and
to standing up for Goodrington with Roselands, it is a real shame that he feels he needs to stand
down. However the new Council administration will continue the work to turn the tide on poverty in
Torbay that Rick is so keen on.”

The by-election is likely to be held on the 14th of November.


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Great news for regeneration in Paignton

The Government has announced today that Paignton is one of 50 towns across the country to receive a share of the Future High Streets Funding. This means that Torbay Council will receive £150,000 in seed funding to develop plans to improve the town centre, with an opportunity for millions of pounds of regeneration funding to be released to make the town centre fit for the future.

Cllr Steve Darling, Liberal Democrat Leader of Torbay Council said, “We were very disappointed that we were not announced in the first wave of this Future High Streets Funding last month. Since then we have lobbied MPs and the Government as we know that our bid was very sound. We are delighted that we can now get on with such projects as finalising plans for regenerating Station Square.”

Cllr Lee Howgate, Overview and Scrutiny Coordinator on Torbay Council, commented, “Many people in Paignton have highlighted the urgent need to enhance all that is good in Paignton town centre and regenerate some of the dark corners that desperately need improving. The Council can now have added pace to improve Paignton. Over recent years the Government have taken more than £80 million of direct funding from Torbay Council under austerity. This funding is helpful, but only a small proportion of the cash the Government took away from local authorities.”

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Torbay Council Leader Backs Calls For Fairer Public Health Funding

Steve Darling, Liberal Democrat Leader of Torbay Council, has joined forces with over a third of upper tier council leaders across England to back Cancer Research UK’s call for the new Government to increase public health funding.

The number of people with cancer in the UK is set to rise steeply by 2030, yet research shows 4 in 10 cancer cases could be prevented through changes such as stopping smoking, being active and reducing their weight. Public health funding enables councils to provide vital services that help residents reduce their risk.

That’s why Steve Darling has joined forces with Cancer Research UK, to help prevent ill health in Torbay and bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

Cllr Darling said: “Councils are having to make increasingly tough decisions: to juggle grant reductions and the soaring demand for services such as children’s social services and adult social care.

“In this climate, public health can be overlooked despite evidence showing that investment would significantly reduce the pressure of growing health and social care demands.”

Many council leaders have joined forces, writing to Chancellor Sajid Javid, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick, calling for a joined-up solution to tackling the public health funding crisis.

George Butterworth, Senior Policy Manager at Cancer Research UK said: “Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of cancer, and councils play a crucial role in stopping people from starting smoking and helping smokers to quit. Yet the funding earmarked to support these important activities has continued to be cut.

“Sadly, only 56% of councils are now able to commission a universal specialist service open to all local smokers. These cuts make no sense, when we know that on average every £1 spent on smoking cessation saves £10 in future health costs. If this Government wants to realise a smoke-free England by 2030, they urgently need to give councils a fairer deal on public health funding”.

Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chair of the Local Government Association Community Wellbeing Board said: “When so many council Leaders from up and down the country, and across political parties, join forces on an issue, you know it’s time to sit up and take notice.

“Councils have proven that they’re best-placed to deliver services and reduce ill health - but it can’t be done on a shoestring. I hope our new Prime Minister and his Cabinet are listening and ready to act.”

“Once public health gets a fair funding deal, we should see healthier communities, the Government’s prevention ambitions realised, and a much more sustainable NHS and social care system which puts prevention over cure.”

For more information, visit

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MP’s Vote On Same-Sex Marriage ‘Shameful’

The decision by the MP for Torbay, Kevin Foster, to vote against extending same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland has been described as ‘shameful’ by local Liberal Democrat Councillor Swithin Long.

Commenting on the MP’s vote, Councillor Long said, “As an openly gay man I grew up during a time when the Section 28 laws were in place and when there were no rights for civil partnerships or marriages for LGBT+ people. Growing up at that time the words and actions of politicians affected me and other gay people I knew. I am concerned about the message that our MP’s vote sends out to Torbay residents who might be struggling with their sexuality. His vote seems to suggest that LGBT+ people should not have the same equal rights across the UK as other residents do.

“Torbay’s MP seemed happy to have his picture taken at a diversity event in Torbay last weekend - but then votes against diversity in the House of Commons. Torbay deserves better.”

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Affordable homes boost for Paignton

At the forthcoming Full Council Meeting on 18th July, a report will be discussed regarding the proposed disposal of land at Collaton St Mary and Preston Down Road in Paignton, which will unlock the opportunity of more affordable homes in Paignton.

This proposed decision follows the Council being awarded over £3 million by the Government in the form of a Land Release Fund grant. This award was accepted in March 2018 during the last Council administration, but was agreed cross-party. The decision being brought forward to the meeting could have been made before the local elections, but the last administration decided not to do this.

The disposal of the land is to be done by entering into a development agreement with a private sector partner. This will ensure that the Council will have full control of the housing schemes, including the quality, design and sustainability of the housing and ensure that the maximum amount of affordable housing is brought forward. This is particularly important to the new administration running Torbay Council, as it is committed to bringing forward more affordable housing to meet the needs of local residents.

Commenting on the proposal, Councillor Swithin Long (Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration) said, “The Liberal Democrats stood on a platform during the recent local elections committed to more affordable housing in Torbay to meet the needs of the 1,100 people on the waiting list, and our Independent Partners are also in agreement. Agreeing to find a private sector partner to develop this land will enable the Council to bring forward more quality affordable homes. Not agreeing to this proposal could mean having to hand the money back to the Government with all the negative consequences that could flow from that.”

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Public set to be asked about two new Town Councils in Torbay

Torbay Council’s Cabinet will be considering next steps in the process that may ultimately lead to the creation of Town Councils across Torbay at their forthcoming meeting on 9th July 2019. Work in this respect has been progressing since Full Council made the decision to start a review last year. Full Council will need to decide what should be consulted upon in the next stage of consultation.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Steve Darling, said:

“The Cabinet and the Partnership that now runs Torbay Council are concerned that the consultation recently undertaken was set up to fail by the previously Conservative-dominated Council. The overwhelming rejection of Town Councils was the inevitable result of this consultation. The wild allegations of £300 annual bills and legions of councillors to run the new Town Councils misled the public. We will ensure that our next consultation round will be more balanced in its approach to the opportunity of having Town Councils.

“The new administration is committed to improving community engagement and empowering our communities. Town Councils can help to deliver this, as well as ensuring that services that residents value at a local level can continue to be delivered. Whilst we recognise that some residents may be concerned about any proposed increase in the overall amount of Council tax, the amount of Council Tax currently paid in Torbay is the lowest in Devon. The stark reality is that if we are not able to find new ways of raising money,  services that our residents value will inevitably have to stop. The maximum amount of precept that the Cabinet will be considering to recommend to Council is £90.00, which would still be lower than a lot of Councils in Devon.”

Following consideration by Cabinet, Full Council will make a decision as to what will be consulted upon in the second phase of consultation at its meeting on 18 July 2019.  The consultation will then run from 2 September 2019 to 25 October 2019, with further details of how to engage in the consultation being released closer to the time. Only once the outcome of the second phase of consultation is known will final decisions be made.


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Update on recycling collections

Following enquiries from Liberal Democrat councillors, Torbay Council have provided an update on the recent late recycling collections.

TOR2 have advised the council that, due to unexpected circumstances that have led to a lower number of drivers, there are approximately 3 or 4 collection rounds that are running late this week. TOR2 are expecting to have caught up with collections by Monday 10th June. 

Torbay Council are continuing to liaise with TOR2 regarding delays and are monitoring the situation this week.

New recycling collection vehicles have been ordered and the council are hoping to be able to start using the first of the new vehicles within the next month, which will help TOR2 to provide more reliable collections.

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A new era for Torbay

Following on from the results in the local elections three weeks ago, in which the Conservatives lost control of the council, the Liberal Democrats and Independent Group have entered a partnership agreement to run Torbay Council.
The new Leader and Cabinet system will be led by the Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Steve Darling, with a mixed Cabinet made up of Liberal Democrat and Independent Councillors.
Group Leaders Vic Ellery and Steve Darling signed the Partnership Agreement between the two groups last week. 
On signing the agreement, Steve Darling said: 
"We fought the elections on turning the tide on poverty in Torbay, which is something the Independents have come together with us to do over the next 4 year period. We know that there are some really difficult decisions for us to make for our community, but we hope that there are some positive things that we can do as well, such as affordable housing, quality jobs, and making significant strides on climate change."
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Lib Dem gains throw Torbay Council into No Overall Control

It was a fantastic night for the Liberal Democrats in Torbay, last night on Thursday 2nd May, along with our colleagues from across Devon and the rest of England. 

In Torbay, we defended all of our existing seats and gained 6 more, taking us to 13 seats in total. The Conservatives remain the largest party overall with 15 seats, along with 8 independents, in a 36 seat council.

In Torquay, new Councillor John Dudley joins our Group Leader Steve Darling and Swithin Long in Barton-with-Watcombe, with Cordelia Law being elected for the first time alongside sitting Councillors Mandy Darling and Nick Pentney in Tormohun ward. 

In Ellacombe, we made two fantastic gains, with Jermaine Atiya-Alla and Jack Dart taking both available seats.

In Paignton, Liberal Democrats comfortably held both seats in Clifton-with-Maidenway, with Ian Doggett retaining his seat and Maggi Douglas-Dunbar successfully taking over from the retiring Adrian Sanders, whilst Chris Carter successfully defended her seat in Roundham-with-Hyde.

The big Paignton success in terms of gains on the night came in Goodrington-with-Roselands, where Rick Heyse and our Parliamentary Spokesperson for Torbay, Lee Howgate, were both elected, unseating the Conservative Deputy Group Leader, Alan Tyerman, in the process. 

Elsewhere our Election Agent, Nigel Penny, gave the Conservatives a tough fight for the second seat in Roundham-with-Hyde, and we narrowly missed gaining a seat from the Conservatives in St Marychurch, with Deborah Brewer missing out by just 52 votes. Commiserations to all of our candidates who were unsuccessful in these elections - we will get them next time!

For a full rundown of the action and results from the count, and an interview with our Group Leader, Steve Darling, you can see the Devon Live article here:

Elsewhere in Devon

Elsewhere in Devon, our colleagues have also had tremendous success, not least in neighbouring Teignbridge Council where the Liberal Democrats have gained the Council from No Overall Control, gaining 10 seats on the night.

Liberal Democrats also took control - at least temporarily - of North Devon Councilwith 21 out of 41 seats, pending the outcome of a by-election for the Council's 42nd seat next month. The Conservatives have also lost control of both Torridge and Mid Devon Councils to No Overall Control.

In the South Hams, the Liberal Democrats also made 6 terrific gains, with the Conservatives only narrowly holding on to control of the Council with 16 of the 31 available seats. Congratulations to all of our colleagues across Devon.

Nationally, the Liberal Democrats have successfully held every Council we were defending across the country, have gained control of 10 local authorities and increased our number of Councillors by over 700 - our best set of local election results in the party's history. 

We would like to thank you for all your efforts, kind messages of support and donations during the election campaign. We now turn our attention to the elections for the European Parliament on 23rd May, and preparation for a potential general election later in the year.

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19 year old standing for Liberal Democrats in Torbay

Lily JamesTorbay Liberal Democrats have selected 19 year old Lily James to contest the Cockington-with-Chelston ward in this May’s local elections, alongside fellow Torquay resident Alistair Brierley.

Lily is the youngest candidate standing for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections in Torbay, having joined the party following the 2017 general election. She has lived in Torquay all her life and attended Torquay Girls’ Grammar School and Sherwell Valley Primary School.

She says: “It is an honour to be standing for the Liberal Democrats in Cockington-with-Chelston alongside Alistair. I am part of a fantastic, driven and motivated team in Torbay who are ready to get real change for our area.

“I joined the Lib Dems because I believe in giving everyone a fair chance at getting on in life, creating a more just society and promoting an economy that works for all. I am absolutely convinced that a Liberal Democrat council can deliver this for Torbay.

“Our Bay faces serious social and economic challenges, with some of the highest deprivation levels in the country. The Liberal Democrats demand better for our area and we are positive that we can deliver a better deal for local people.

“In particular, I hope, as a young person, to bring a fresh perspective to Torbay’s politics, whilst providing Cockington, Chelston and Livermead with a strong voice on Torbay Council.”

Steve Darling, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council, added: “I am delighted that we have a truly diverse set of candidates, ranging in age from 19 to retirees, people with disabilities and people from different ethnic backgrounds. It is really important that those who represent our communities truly reflect our communities.”


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