Working Families in Crisis - and Our MP's Response

Letter from Lib Dem councillor Steve Darling to the Herald Express:

Dear Editor,
The article entitled “Families are in crisis says food bank chief”( Herald Express  24.2.2016.) confirmed what many of us know is the reality in Torbay, as expressed in Nigel Williams's comment that ”A high percentage of our food parcels are going to working families who are finding that there is too much month left at the end of the money.” 

So what is our Tory MP saying about this crisis in Torbay?

"The Journal of the House of Commons, Hansard, reads as follows:
7 Dec 2015 : Column 693
Kevin Foster (Torbay) (Con): In relation to this trial, has the Minister noticed today’s report in the Western Morning News, which says that food bank usage has dropped by 25% in Devon and Cornwall? Does he agree with the Trussell Trust that that is?
“A sign that economic recovery is giving more people access to secure work?”
Mr Vara: It is always good to have external endorsement of what the Government are doing. That is just clear evidence that the Government’s long-term plan is working."

It is disturbing that our Conservative MP is spending his time championing Government policies rather than championing Torbay. In his latest mailing our MP brags about being amongst the most active of MPs of the new intake.  But, if you are doing down your constituency by misrepresenting it, spending hours in the House of  Commons is counterproductive for the Bay. 

Now that these House of Commons figures are out, does it perhaps explain why Kevin Foster has spent hundreds of pounds placing an outsized picture of himself on his office window?  Is it because we might forget what he looks like, as he is so clearly out of touch with the needs of Torbay? 

Best wishes
Cllr Steve Darling
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Torbay Council.

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