Public set to be asked about two new Town Councils in Torbay

Torbay Council’s Cabinet will be considering next steps in the process that may ultimately lead to the creation of Town Councils across Torbay at their forthcoming meeting on 9th July 2019. Work in this respect has been progressing since Full Council made the decision to start a review last year. Full Council will need to decide what should be consulted upon in the next stage of consultation.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Steve Darling, said:

“The Cabinet and the Partnership that now runs Torbay Council are concerned that the consultation recently undertaken was set up to fail by the previously Conservative-dominated Council. The overwhelming rejection of Town Councils was the inevitable result of this consultation. The wild allegations of £300 annual bills and legions of councillors to run the new Town Councils misled the public. We will ensure that our next consultation round will be more balanced in its approach to the opportunity of having Town Councils.

“The new administration is committed to improving community engagement and empowering our communities. Town Councils can help to deliver this, as well as ensuring that services that residents value at a local level can continue to be delivered. Whilst we recognise that some residents may be concerned about any proposed increase in the overall amount of Council tax, the amount of Council Tax currently paid in Torbay is the lowest in Devon. The stark reality is that if we are not able to find new ways of raising money,  services that our residents value will inevitably have to stop. The maximum amount of precept that the Cabinet will be considering to recommend to Council is £90.00, which would still be lower than a lot of Councils in Devon.”

Following consideration by Cabinet, Full Council will make a decision as to what will be consulted upon in the second phase of consultation at its meeting on 18 July 2019.  The consultation will then run from 2 September 2019 to 25 October 2019, with further details of how to engage in the consultation being released closer to the time. Only once the outcome of the second phase of consultation is known will final decisions be made.


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