Torbay Tories – throw money away

Paignton Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Doggett is set to challenge the apparently stalled recycling figures currently being delivered by Torbay Council later this month.  The councillor is concerned that, apart from the environmental imperative to up this key performance indicator, there are serious financial penalties for Torbay for failing to raise its game. 

Cllr Doggett said, “At a time when the Mayor is stating that we have a £32 million shortfall in the Council budget over the next three years, to continue to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on landfill tax is ludicrous.  The Council need to be targeting food waste from the waste stream, as this is one of the heavier elements of the residual waste that could easily be composted.” 

His question is set to be put at the Full Council meeting on the 10th of December.  The text is as follows:

Torbay has a target of achieving 50%  recycling by 2020.  I understand that we have hovered around the 45 % level of recycling in recent years.  What action plan is in place to achieve the 50% target? 

Cllr Ian Doggett
Contact 01803 555025 or 07814306224

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