Torbay Libdems condemn lack of planning for schools

Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council have condemned Conservatives on the council for failing to give a clear deadline for the new provision of the Torbay School, following the plan to base the school at Parkfield being rejected in May of this year. At a Full Council meeting last night , Liberal Democrats demanded a clear time line for an options appraisal for this new provision as a "Poor OFSTED" for the school prescribed. The Tories at the council meeting voted to raid the funds for the provision of the special school for children with social emotional & mental health problems and use it for the purchase of land for a mainstream school on the outskirts of Paignton.

Liberal Democrat Paignton councillor, Adrian Sanders, said: "A lack of strategic planning, nimbyism, and the inability of Conservative councillors to agree among themselves and stick to proposals has led to the worst of all positions.

We are now up against a legal deadline to meet the demand for additional primary school places. This has resulted in funds being taken away from the support for our most vulnerable children to meet the extra cost of purchasing land in the wrong part of Paignton to where a new primary school is needed.

The consequence will be many more car journeys over longer distances as parents take their children to schools well away from where they live and some of the most vulnerable children in Torbay who attend the Torbay School continuing to be taught in inadequate accommodation. These students do not deserve any further delays in improving their education, which is why the Liberal Democrats proposed an options appraisal for the future provision of the Torbay school before Christmas. Sadly, the Conservatives voted it down."

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