Torbay Council still letting down the most vulnerable children in Torbay

Liberal Democrats have hit out at a secret report about the provision of school places in Paignton to be considered on the 8th of August at a meeting where the press and public will be excluded. The opposition party on Torbay Council are outraged that the secret report is silent on a way forward to improve provision for the Torbay Special School that offers support for some of the most vulnerable children in Torbay.

The Liberal Democrat group leader, Steve Darling, said: “The Council binned the proposals to use Parkfield in May. We have been advised that it would normally take four months to develop an options appraisal for the future provision of the Torbay School. We understand that no progress has been made to date. Torbay plan to raid the funds allocated for the Torbay school and vire them to the new primary in Paignton.”

He went on to say, “Torbay School failed an OFSTED inspection and a significant element of the failure was the lack of appropriate facilities for the specialised schooling required by these students. I am shocked that members of our UKIP/Conservative controlled council have expended more energy on fighting each other than ensuring that the educational opportunities for these students are improved. This is shameful.”

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