Time to Axe the Mayor

It has now been more than ten years since Torbay voted to have an elected Mayor  On the 5th May you will get the opportunity to decide whether you wish to keep the current Mayoral system or vote for a Leader and cabinet. The Liberal Democrats are the only party on Torbay Council fully committed to axing the elected Mayor.  We feel that this system is wrong because there is:
•         Too much power in the hands of one person. 
•         Too much patronage
•         Too much depending on who is elected. 
Leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council, Steve Darling, said, “Far from being the land of milk and honey that the campaigners who suggested having a Mayor claimed it would be, we have suffered from two elected Mayors out of touch with the needs of Torbay. The first appeared to be addicted to the use of consultants and obsessed  with his' Mayoral vision' that would have over-developed Torbay. The second is even more out of touch, spending millions on the installation of  beach huts and nothing on housing for local people. 
In fact, the last 10 years with an elected Mayor have proved to be a nightmare for those most in need in Torbay with the cutting of budgets for the vulnerable and deprived in our community.  A Mayor that values palm trees more than services to local people is of no use to Torbay. 
In the last few months there has been civil war between the majority of the Conservative group on the Council and Gordon Oliver’s supporters, who are mostly in receipt of special responsibility allowances.  With Conservatives more interested in in-fighting rather than serving our community it is time to end this Mayoral madness” 






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