Sanctuary Housing changing the rules on "Tree maintenance"

A call is being made to Sanctuary tenants who have large trees in their gardens to club together so that they can make a collective complaint about the conduct of the largest landlord in the bay, Sanctuary Housing. This follows Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Darling helping Torquay resident Miss O'Driscolll with her complaint to the housing association about having to maintain large trees in her garden. The complaint is now with the housing association and in the final stage of its complaints procedure. 

Miss O'Driscoll said: “The trees are larger than my house and were here before the house was built.  Sanctuary Housing have maintained the trees for many years and it is only in recent years they have started to demand that I maintain them.  If I took on the management of these trees it would cost me thousands of pounds in just a few years.” 
Watcombe ward Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Darling said: “It is not fair that a tenant should pay thousands of pounds extra over their tenancy for no benefit to themselves. I am calling for any other Sanctuary housing tenants to contact me with their concerns so that we can lodge further complaints with the housing association” 


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