Rubbish chaos in Torbay

After months of a chaotic waste and recycling service for Torbay residents, questions are set to be raised at Torbay’s Full Council meeting on Thursday 20th July. Liberal Democrat councillor Mandy Darling has been bombarded by complaints from local residents furious about waste left rotting on Torquay's streets.

The Liberal Democrat councillor, who represents Tormohun ward in Torquay, said: “Disposing of domestic waste is a service that people up and down the country normally take for granted. In Torbay it has been left on the streets for days resulting in waste and recycling material becoming strewn around and giving parts of Torbay the feeling of a shanty town”

She went on to say: “Torbay Council has a contract which includes penalties for poor performance by TOR2. It will be interesting to see how the local authority has been using this financial stick.”

The two questions set to be put are as follows:

Q1. Many residents have lost confidence in our waste and recycling system. What definitive date can we expect a normal service to resume?

Q2. Over the last 12 months what charges have the Council raised against TOR2 for failing the waste and recycling contract? I would like these figures on a month by month basis.

Contact Mandy Darling mobile: 07919 566606

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