Statement by Torbay Liberal Democrats on the resignation of Councillor King

The following email was received on the 18 September by Steve Darling the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council. 


Dear Steve

Thank you for your recent phone call and email.

As I’m sure you will understand, I’m not in a very good place at the moment. I have a medical certificate to cover me for 2 months. I’m so grateful for the support i have receives from yourself and the rest of the Liberal Democratic Party.

I fully aware that we are now in the run up to the next set of elections and I’m even more aware that political opponents will try to milk this situation as much as they can to gain advantage. I do not wish to damage the LIb Dems very good chance of taking control of this badly run council and turning it around for the benefit of the residents of this bay, not just for the well off minority.

I think it is for the best if i resign from the party and go back to being an Independent for the rest of this term. I would be grateful if you could accept the resignation in the good spirit that it is intended.

I wish the party every success in the future.

Best wishes,

Cllr. Mark King

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