Putting sport first in the Bay

Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council are set to champion a proposal of peppercorn rents for non-commercial sports clubs up to a maximum cost of £500 a year. This was originally proposed by Torbay Sports Council. 
Recently elected Liberal Democrat councillor for Tormohun Nick Pentney said: “Team sports have always been a great part of my life.  I continue to play regularly in a football team.  These clubs are the glue that holds our communities across the bay together.  Making the rent up to a commercial rate could result in the collapse of some of our sports clubs.”
Steve Darling, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council, said:  “We feel it is important that we champion what the Sports Council for Torbay have recommended as the Mayor will have to go away and consider this proposal if it wins the day .”   

That the Council formally objects to the amendments to the Corporate Asset Management Plan on the basis that:
i)  All current and future sports leases granted to ‘not for profit organisations’ should have a peppercorn rent up to a maximum of £500 a year.
In accordance with the Constitution at F4.9, the council therefore requires the Mayor to consider this objection by 12 August 2016 and to:
a)  Submit a revision of the Corporate Asset Management Plan with the reasons for any amendments to the council for its consideration;  or
b)  Inform the Council of any disagreement that the Executive has with any of the council’s objections and the Executive’s reasons for any such disagreement.
Proposed by Councillor Steve Darling
Seconded by Councillor Nick Pentney

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