Poverty in Torbay Worsens

In light of the latest indices of deprivation figures and the worrying downward trends it highlights in Torbays most deprived areas Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ellacombe Cindy Stocks has submitted a question to the Mayor at the next full council meeting on 22nd October.

It reads:

“Despite relatively low levels of unemployment for Torbay, the draft indices of deprivation demonstrate a worrying trend of increasing deprivation namely :

* Levels of deprivation have increased in Torbay

* Torbay is amongst the top15% of the most deprived District Authorities in England(46 out of 326)

* Torbay is the most deprived district Authority in the South West of England

* There has been a 75% increase in Torbay residents living in areas amongst the top 20% most deprived in England

* Almost one in three residents live in areas amongst the top 20% most deprived in England.

In light of the above, what do you plan to do differently to halt this rise of poverty in the Bay”

Cllr Stocks said “ The geographical area of Ellacombe that laid within the top 10% of deprivation in 2010 has almost doubled in size and the area within the top 20% of deprivation has crept into more of Ellacombe. This is an unacceptable trend brought about partly by the austere decisions made at government level concerning the less well off residents of the country but even more exacerbated locally by the Mayors financial decisions made over the last 4 years.”

She went on to say “The most frightening issue I feel about these latest figures is that they are based on information gathered in 2013/2014 and that more local cuts effecting poorer families and individuals have been put in place since then and will be followed shortly by cuts to those in employment by a reduction in tax credits.”

Councillor Stocks says “I despair about how people will live and keep a roof over their heads. As I talk to many people around Ellacombe pictures of the depression years of the last century flash through my mind.”


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