Planning meetings should be when working people can attend

Torbay Lib Dems call for Planning meetings to take place at time when working people can attend.

Torbay’s Liberal Democrats at last night’s Full Council meeting, called upon the Conservative-ruled council to reschedule Planning meetings so they take place in the evening rather than the daytime.
Currently the Planning Committee (formally known as Management Development Committee) normally meets during the daytime only - effectively barring many working people from attending.
An amendment put forward by the Liberal Democrats at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting was backed by all members of all parties apart from the Conservatives who uniformly voted against the move meaning it was rejected.
Tormohun Liberal Democrat Councillor Nick Pentney proposed the amendment. He said: “Torbay Council is seen by many as being completely out of touch with local people. That perception is reinforced when the Conservatives insist on having meetings during the day when many working people cannot attend.
“On Tuesday the Conservatives had a real opportunity to counter this ‘out-of-touch’ view of their council. But they blew it. That itself is instructive.”
Fellow Liberal Democrat ward Councillor Mandy Darling added: “Planning is something many residents feel strongly about. And every single planning application that comes before the committee is important with an outcome that often affects many people’s lives. Yet the Tories insist on effectively barring local people from fully engaging in the process attending by having its meetings during the daytime. It’s frankly not good enough.” 

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