Paignton is Bay's Poor relation

Opposition Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council are set to champion investment in Paignton harbour and seafront, after figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats demonstrated that there had only been £12 spent per head of population on such projects in Paignton over the last 9 years, compared to £161 in Torquay and £1,201  per head in Brixham. 
Liberal Democrat Paignton councillor Chris Carter said, “Despite this situation, the Conservatives are planning to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on doing up the Strand in Torquay.  We feel that it is only fair that Paignton should get its fair slice of the pie.” 
The motion is as follows: 

That the Council formally objects to the Mayor’s capital budget proposals on the basis that:
This Council notes that £10.5 million (£161 per capita) has been spent on Torquay waterfront projects, £20.1 million (£1,201 per capita) spent on Brixham waterfront projects and £0.6 million (£12 per capita) spent on Paignton waterfront projects within the last 9 years as per figures set out in the table below:

Torbay Waterfront Projects
Project cost £m Approx Dates
Town Dock   1.20   2007/08-2008/09
Townscape Heritage   0.70   2008/09-2010/11
Mallock Memorial   0.20 2010/11
Princess Promenade   4.00   2011/12-2013/14
Haldon/Princess Piers  3.10 2009/10-2015/16
Princess Pier decking  0.40 2015/16
Inner Harbour Pontoons  0.90 2013/14/-2015/16
Total 10.50  
Geopark 0.60 2011/12-2012/13
Total 0.60  
Harbour regeneration 19.70 2007/08-2012/13
Harbour major repairs  0.30 2013/14
Breakwater  0.05 2013/14
Total 20.05  

In the light of the lack of investment in Paignton seafront and harbourside, that the Mayoral project for Torquay seafront and harbourside be deleted and that public consultation be undertaken to ensure that appropriate projects are brought forward for the Paignton seafront and harbourside.
In accordance with the Constitution at F3.9, the Council therefore requires the Mayor to consider this objection by 10 am on 19 February 2016 and either:
a)  submit a revision of the draft Capital Plan as amended by the elected Mayor (the “revised draft Capital Plan”), with the reasons for any amendments, to the Council for its consideration;
b)  inform the Council of any disagreement that the elected Mayor has with any of the Council’s objections and his reasons for any such disagreement.
Proposed by Councillor Carter
Seconded by Councillor Sanders

Contact Chris Carter 07703209305

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