Torbay’s Heritage left to rot by Tory run Torbay Council

Liberal Democrat Councillors on Torbay Council are set to challenge the Conservative run Local Authority over claims that Torbay’s Heritage is being left to rot. Two questions are set to be put at the Full Council on the 22 October 2015. The first question to the Mayor from Liberal Democrat Councillor for Clifton with Maidenway Ian Doggett states – “Paignton residents continue to raise with me their concerns that Oldway Mansions are being left to rot with no sign of protecting the long term future of this much loved part of Paignton’s heritage. Can you please advise the Council what options have been considered to ensure this building will be here for generations to come?” Councillor Doggett said, “We cannot allow this building to continue to deteriorate. The Mayor needs to ensure that action is taken in the near future to secure its protection.”

Mandy Darling Liberal Democrat Councillor for the heart of Torquay is set to put a question regarding the Pavilion on Torquay’s harbour side. The question to the Mayor states: “Torquay pavilion continues to be empty and residents are concerned that this part of Torquay’s heritage is being left to rot. What assurances can you give regarding the frequency of inspections of this community asset and what remedial work has been undertaken to protect this building and who has paid for any subsequent works? She went on to say “This iconic building in Torquay has been empty for the last two summers and people fear that it could end up being beyond repair.”


Cllr Ian Doggett 01803 555025

Cllr Mandy Darling 07919566606


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