MP’s Vote On Same-Sex Marriage ‘Shameful’

The decision by the MP for Torbay, Kevin Foster, to vote against extending same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland has been described as ‘shameful’ by local Liberal Democrat Councillor Swithin Long.

Commenting on the MP’s vote, Councillor Long said, “As an openly gay man I grew up during a time when the Section 28 laws were in place and when there were no rights for civil partnerships or marriages for LGBT+ people. Growing up at that time the words and actions of politicians affected me and other gay people I knew. I am concerned about the message that our MP’s vote sends out to Torbay residents who might be struggling with their sexuality. His vote seems to suggest that LGBT+ people should not have the same equal rights across the UK as other residents do.

“Torbay’s MP seemed happy to have his picture taken at a diversity event in Torbay last weekend - but then votes against diversity in the House of Commons. Torbay deserves better.”

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