Lib Dems to question Council on 25th Feb

The following is the list of questions that will be put by the Lib Dem councillors at the full council meeting of the 25th Feb:-

Cllr Sanders to the Lead for finance & regeneration (Mayor Oliver)

If he will make it his policy to publish in the minutes of the next meeting replies to tabled questions that have been prepared in advance?


What is the Mayor's strategy for obtaining more support from central government? 


Pursuant to his answer, Q9 on 3rd February, when will he formally report on meetings he has held with neighbouring local authorities where the provision of local services was discussed?


How much would be in the base budget for 2015/2016 had the Council Tax been increased to the maximum amount before penalty in each year since 2011/12?


What does the Mayor see as the three major challenges facing seaside resort local authorities?


What targets has he set to support his mayoral resolution on sugar reduction?



If he will commit to investigating the advantages of all non-statutory services being delivered by precepting town councils across Torbay?

Cllr Sanders to the Lead for Tourism, Culture and Harbours (Cllr Amil)

If he will make a statement on the effectiveness of the Torbay Tourism Company in meeting the purposes for which it is funded?


Cllr Doggett to the Council’s Representative on the TOR2 Board (Cllr Bent)

It was unveiled at the last Full Council that there are 11 roads in Brixham 21 roads in Paignton and 46 roads in Torquay where parking restrictions are unenforceable due to poor maintenance.  What progress has been made in bringing these roads up to an enforceable standard? 

Cllr Darling (S) to the Lead for Community Services (Cllr Excell)

What consideration has been given to issuing Torbay’s Civil Enforcement Officers with personal video cameras?  This could both protect the officers and help settle disputes.

Cllr Darling (M) to the Lead for Planning, Transport and Housing (Cllr King)

Shedden Hall, Shedden Hill, Torquay, B&Q in Torre and Conway Court Hotel, Warren Road, Torquay continue to be blots on the landscape of Torquay.  What consideration has been given to serving a Section 215 Notice under the Town and Country Planning Act on the owners of these sites?

Cllr Darling (S) to the Lead for Planning, Transport and Housing (Cllr King) Torbay entered into a contract for an all year round ferry service between Brixham and Torquay, this Service commenced in November 2014.  To date the contracted for ferry has not been operating on this route.  When should this service start with the contracted ferry and has any of the government subsidy been held back due to the contract not being complied with?

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