House of straw claim − Housing Strategy blasted by Liberal Democrats

Torbay Council is set to adopt a new housing strategy on 10 December at its Full Council meeting.  Torbay Liberal Democrats have described the new plans as a house of straw that fails to tackle the needs of our communities in Torbay. 

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Steve Darling, said, “We have been promised this strategy for years and now it has come to Council it appears to be a house of straw that fails to tackle the massive housing problems we face in Torbay. It lacks focus, targets and any ambition to help local people. It appears the Mayor is failing to tackle housing needs and fuelling the housing greed of the buy-to-let market in the bay by proposing such a third rate strategy.”
He went on to say, “We have a number of detailed concerns. These include:

  • Failing to have explicit targets for the delivery of units of affordable housing within the lifetime of the Housing Strategy.
  • Failing to have enough detail within the Housing Strategy in order to give confidence that the Strategy can be delivered practically over its lifetime.
  • Failing to have alternative methods of bringing forward affordable housing units within the Strategy, rather than just relying on the requirement within the Local Plan that 30% of new housing developments should be affordable.
  • Failing to include the needs of the community in the Aligned Investment Plan rather than being wholly Treasury management-led (as indicated within the supporting information for the Housing Strategy).  The timescale for the implementation of that Fund should also be included within the Strategy.
  • Failing to have a timescale for the preparation of the delivery plans which sit below the Housing Strategy.”

Councillor Darling ended by saying, “Over the next few days we will be reaching out to other council members to see if there is an opportunity for a cross party amendment to be put forward at the council meeting later this month.“


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