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Deborah Brewer Profile


Deborah lives with her family in the Meadfoot area of the Bay. All the children attended school in Torquay and the whole family enjoys the sport, music and social life of the bay. She’s an enthusiastic, if not proficient, member of Winners gym, a keen supporter of Torquay Cricket Club and sings with local group One Accord and with her local church choir. IMG_3528_(2).jpg

As a long term Liberal Democrat, Deborah‘s values are based on fairness, openness and tolerance. She works with a range of organisations and community groups to promote and support the development of better opportunities for young people and those with mental health issues.

As a senior manager in a multinational company Deborah gained extensive business experience in bidding for major contracts and enhancing company growth and innovation in the Travel, Transport and Tourism industry. Deborah set up a successful management consultancy practice specialising in business planning. The business won long term contracts with a large number of blue chip companies. Deborah has had a wide range of leadership roles, including Corporate Sales Director Regus Property Group.

Deborah works at Exeter College, lecturing to students on the BA Business and Management programme. Her aim is to transform the lives of local students to develop the business skills and knowledge to get them into the
jobs market at the highest level.


  • Fighting Tory cuts in public services, particularly in terms of the closure of Paignton hospital, beds and ward at Torbay     Hospital, shortage of GP services and support for mental health and social care        
  • Safeguarding and enhancing our bus and rail transport services
  • Promoting the economic development of the Bay through support for jobs and apprenticeships, particularly in tourism and   our growing hi-tech and green energy sector 
  • Prioritising the development of social and affordable housing 
  • Protecting and enhancing our wonderful natural environment including our green spaces and amenities such as Cary  Green and Plainmoor
  • Widening participation in education
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It's Deborah for Torbay

Torbay’s Liberal Democrats selected Deborah Brewer at a packed meeting to be their candidate for the snap General Election.

Deborah Brewer has a strong business background having worked in management for BT, has set up a successful business consultancy with her Husband Dennis and currently teaches business management at Exeter College. She lives with her family in the Meadfoot area of Torquay.

Deborah said, “I’m not a career politician. Torbay is where I live and have brought up my family. I work and play with many lovely people in the Church and local community. Torbay is the only place I would ever consider standing.”

Commenting on her selection Deborah said: “I am honoured to have been selected to contest Torbay at the election. I will stand up for local people who have been affected by the Government cuts that were enthusiastically supported by the current Conservative MP.

“Under his watch, Torbay is losing its magistrates court, direct rail services with the rest of the country, Paignton Hospital, the women’s ward at Torbay Hospital, mental health and residential care facilities, and we now have fewer bus services covering fewer roads than ever before.

“My priority will be to fight these cuts while promoting sustainable economic development in the bay; prioritising affordable housing and protecting Torbay’s wonderful environment.”

Former MP for Torbay Adrian Sanders said, “Deborah is just what the people of Torbay need. She will be an MP who will vote in the interests of her constituents at Westminster, unlike our current MP who votes for his Party in London and then complains locally about the impact of his decisions. She gets my vote”.

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