Double delight for Liberal Democrats in Torbay

The Liberal Democrats are celebrating a double victory in Torbay. Winning the Tormohun Council seat on Torbay, from the Conservatives,  with an almost 600 majority over the Tories and succeeding in their campaign to abolish the mayoral System

Successful Liberal Democrat Council Candidate for Tormohun Nicholas Pentney said “It's an honour to be elected as councillor for Tormohun. I will do my utmost to fight for local people"

Reflecting on the referendum result to abolish the elected Mayor Cllr Steve Darling said “We were the only party in Torbay that mounted a serious campaign to abolish this divisive post. The public have spoken and it is now up to Mayor Oliver to do all in his powers to move as closely to this system as possible for the remaining three years of his term. It would not be in the best interests of Torbay for the Mayor to carry on regardless.“ 

The results are as follows:-

Tormohun by-election Torbay UA 5 May 2016
Seat: Conservative
Cause: Resignation
(Change in percentage of vote since May 2015 in brackets)

Labour                                                44 14.3% (-4.1%)
Trade Union Socialists Against Cuts   27 0.8% (0.8%)
Green                                                 66 2.7% (-9.5%)
Nick Pentney Liberal Democrat          1126 47% (21.6%)
Conservative                                       533 22.1% (-3.0%)
UKIP                                                   315 13.1% (-5.8%)

Turnout                                               29.8%
Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservatives

Torbay Mayoral referendum result
Keep the elected Mayor                      9,511  - 38%
Move to a Leader & Cabinet system   15,846 - 62%
Turn out                                              25%

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