Donate to help turn the tide on poverty in Torbay

Unlike Labour, who are funded by the Trade Unions, and the Conservatives, who are funded by big business, our team rely on the generosity of local people to campaign on local issues and win elections.

Your donation will go towards getting more Liberal Democrats elected for Torbay so we can keep making a real difference to people's lives.

Thank you so much for your support. 

When you donate this is where your money will go:-

£10 could pay for 20 direct mailshots to postal voters.

£25 could pay for the printing of 1,000 leaflets to go out across our community.

£50 could pay for social media advertisement boost across a ward for a week.

£100 could pay for a survey to find out where our help is most needed and which issues are the top priority for residents.

£250 could pay for  the printing of 10,000 high quality colour leaflets to keep local residents in touch across a ward.

Please consider making your donation a regular donation, these enable us to effectively plan our activities to help our communities and are what serve as the backbone to enable our community activism.