Council bows to Libdem pressure and rescinds decision to end funding for HIV support

Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council have welcomed the decision by the council to rescind its decision to end, on the 30th September the Torbay public health funding of local provision of advocacy, care and support for people who have been diagnosed with HIV and their carers and family members and redirect them to nationally available digital provision and help lines as appropriate.
The leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council, Steve Darling, said : “We are cautiously welcoming this news. We are concerned that it may be a stay of execution for the support to this vulnerable group of people in Torbay. We are shocked that it appears the council failed to do their homework on this and was forced by the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council to call a halt to these proposals when it became apparent that the decision would be the subject of public scrutiny.”
The Torquay councillor went on to say: “We will continue to be vigilant for any further threats to this service.”

The published decision is as follows:
That the original decision to cease funding to the HIV Advocacy Support contract be rescinded pending further work to understand the impact on service users of changing the way advocacy and support is provided.
Reasons for the decision
That following further discussion with providers of services for people who have a diagnosis of HIV further work needs to be undertaken to understand more fully the impact of any changes to service users

Contact Steve Darling – 07736658666

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