Council in Rugby Sin Bin

Two Paignton Liberal Democrat Councillors are supporting the juniors of Paignton Rugby Club by raising their dispute over where they can play with the elected Mayor and Executive member with responsibility of sport.
Clifton with Maidenway Councillors Ian Doggett and Adrian Sanders have questions tabled for answer at the next Full Council meeting on the 19th October.
Torbay Council had agreed to allow eight and nine-year-olds from Paignton rugby club to play in Torbay Park on Sunday mornings. But then withdrew permission following a complaint from a local resident.
Cllr Ian Doggett said he was concerned that inconsistent decision making brings the council into disrepute. "It also contradicts the challenges the council faces encouraging healthy lifestyles and providing activities for young people."

Fellow Liberal Democrat Councillor Adrian Sanders added: "We should be doing far more to encourage organised sports for young people in the bay not putting barriers in their way. We should applaud and support the volunteers who help and encourage young people to participate in sport."

Cllr Doggett’s Question:

The reversal of the decision to allow Paignton Rugby Clubs under 10s and 9s teams to play on Torbay Park, Paignton brings this Council into disrepute. Can you explain why permission was granted and then withdrawn for this activity?

Cllr Sander’s Question

How banning organised rugby football on Torbay Park for children meets the aims and aspirations of the Torbay Local Plan and other Council policies in relation to a) promoting people to adopt active lifestyles, 2) encouraging young people to engage in sport, c) reducing the risk of diabetes and its comorbidities, d) reducing crime and vandalism.

Contact Cllr Adrian Sanders 07712633476

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