Council Failing to manage the TOR2 contract

Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council have been raising concerns with the Conservative/UKIP-controlled Torbay Council regarding poor management of the TOR2 Contract. 

•       Late collection of bins
•       Filthy public Toilets
•       £250,000 back log of road lining contract.

Ellacombe Liberal Democrat councillor Cindy Stocks said: “Delays in picking up waste and recycling just makes our streets dirtier.  I have had countless calls from residents concerned about this in recent weeks." 

She went on to say: "There is a backlog of £250,000 worth of lining works on the highway. This means that in roads like Castle Road people can park where the double yellow lines have worn away and create a blind corner for other drivers.  Our Tory/UKIP run council should have a firmer hand on this contract. "

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