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Find information on COVID-19 below

It is extraordinary times that we find ourselves in, as a Liberal Democrat, one of the key drivers, as I know for many of you, is to help those who are most in need in our communities. Now is the time to step up to the mark. Equally if you are in need of support yourself, there are details below.

On the council we are gearing up to undertake the role of being the safety net to support those most in need who are self-isolating, we also continue with our responsibilities to safeguard both children and adults in Torbay. Officers and councillors have never been so busy and are burning the candle at both ends to try and prepare for the peak of the virus that will hit our communities.

If you are available to help, even if this if from befriending phone calls from your own home, please sign up, you can sign up through these links:

Torbay Community Development Trust:

Torbay Help Hub:

And if you would like to help by putting out flyers on your street to help those in our communities who may not have access to social media or these online services or even may not be aware of them, Jack Dart, one of our Ellacombe councillors, from the Torbay Help Hub, has many leaflets which need to go through doors which contain key information for those who may be self-isolating. They have been distributed to Co-ops across Torbay, you can go and pick some up for your neighbourhood.

Or if you are self-isolating and need help, please contact:

Torbay Community Development Trust (Torquay and Paignton): 01803 446022

Brixham Does Care: 01803 857727

Mental health support can be found here:

Or any other matters please email: [email protected]

We will also be ringing round our membership to ensure you all have the support you need. If you can help then please let us know, again on [email protected]

Online resources for you to use

These online resources are produced by volunteers and public bodies.

Please use them and share them with your friends and neighbours. We will be updating it regularly as more resources become available.

People may have concerns about transmitting the virus via paper. Current health advice is that delivering items to people’s letterboxes is ok, as set out in the Royal Mail’s statement on their continuing to deliver the post:

Where can I find the latest advice?

The latest UK Government advice is available at

The latest England medical advice is available at

The latest Scotland medical advice is available at

Taking sensible precautions while helping others

Please take all appropriate medical advice seriously before calling on anyone and look to emulate best practice, such as from online supermarket delivery services.

In particular:

  • Hygiene – washing our hands more regularly soap and water for 20 seconds. You may want to take hand sanitiser (at least 60% alcohol content) out with you.
  • Social distancing – including not shaking hands with residents or colleagues, keeping 2m apart, leaving things on doorsteps

Your ideas

All across the UK communities and individuals are developing new ideas and new resources for how we can care for our neighbours at this difficult time. If you’ve developed a community resource and would like it shared on this site, email us at [email protected]