Comments by Constituents

Here is a selection of comments from local people:

“I am not a Liberal but you are the best MP in the Bay and therefore get my vote.” Mr C-M

“A big thank you to Adrian and his team for all you have done for me.” Mr E

“You are doing brilliantly- keep it up!” Ms B

“I believe that Adrian Sanders is the most hardworking, decent, honest and genuine MP I have ever known, and what is more I have never heard any criticism of him from anyone! I am, and always have been, very much part of the community, so I meet a lot of people, and still the foregoing is true! Thank you Mr Sanders.” Mrs B

“It was very nice of Adrian to come to our coffee morning and help so many of us that had tried other people but got nowhere. Thank you.” Mrs D

“I have never believed or used an MP before but now I trust and will always contact Adrian with any problems I have.” Ms H

“Adrian was always willing to visit our sheltered housing community and treats us with respect. He was always very helpful. The best MP Torbay has had.” Ms R

“Very hard working and a committed MP, Torbay would be in a mess without Adrian Sanders.”   Mr H

“Adrian, and indeed the Lib Dems, appear pro-active in their endeavours within their “Local Community”. The only time you seem to hear of other parties is in party advertisements or at polling week!” Mr C-D

“I was extremely pleased with the actions taken by Mr Sanders MP.” Mr C

“I found Adrian a great support in time of need.” Mr M

“An excellent caring MP.” Ms D

“Drop-in surgeries are an essential facility for local residents. With complex and problems of daily life in the UK, it is important to have someone to consult for advice/assistance when needed. The telephone response from the local office was also very helpful. Many thanks and best wishes.” Mr S

“Excellent help from an excellent man.” Mr S

“Keep up the good work.” Mr W

“Adrian sorted out my problem the day after I had met him. I had been trying for nine weeks and got nowhere. A brilliant result.” Mr P

“Good to know when up against bureaucracy that our local MP can overcome the barriers.” Ms H

“I have never contacted my MP before, therefore I was very surprised not only how helpful he was but also how quickly he responded to my letters each time. I’m sure that Mr Sanders’ efforts influenced my case and therefore I am very grateful for all of his help. I would certainly contact him in the future and I have already recommended him to others.” Miss R

“Adrian seems to be a caring down to earth person who will take up the cudgels on behalf of his constituents regardless of their political bias.” Mr D

“Excellent service, professionally dealt with.” Mrs G

“If this is democracy it’s nice to have your representative with some clout to appeal for help from.” Mr W

“Adrian is a brilliant MP. A very genuine person. I always vote for him.” Ms S

“Adrian was very helpful and very quick to reply so all in all I have no reservations in using him as my first port of call  if needed in the future.” Ms L

“Adrian is a local person, who does his utmost to help the area. This is a vast improvement on the previous elected members.” anon

“I was impressed by the quick and detailed response to concerns/issues that I raised in the questionnaire I completed.” Ms G

“Very pleased with a prompt positive reply and follow up letter.” Mr M

“I think Adrian is an excellent MP who has a genuine interest in his constituents and the local area.” Ms S

“I have always been very pleased with the response to my letters. I also appreciate the wide ranging issues with which he is involved.” Ms B

“Adrian is a very approachable MP who gets things done.” anon

“Adrian Sanders helped both myself and my partner out in the best way possible. Thank you so much for your help.” Ms M

“Really pleased with the help/service I received from Adrian and his team. Thank you.” Ms P

“I found Adrian’s response and efficiency in replying superb, in fact it was most unexpected! I found Adrian’s support and input into our case genuine and ongoing. I have seen Adrian out and about working and being pro-active with his constituents in town and supermarkets. I have to say I am very impressed as he seems most unlike most MPs.” Mr F

“Torbay without Adrian wouldn’t bear thinking about. In our opinion he is vital to the Bay, for which we thank him. Torbay would be a much poorer place without him and he is worth every penny.” Mr G

“Adrian is an excellent constituency MP.” Mr S

“Any queries, problems, situations etc. I always contact Adrian Sanders, who always gives a quick response and contacts those applicable.” Mrs P

“I am delighted to find that Adrian has such frequent surgeries in Torbay – he is very approachable. His team are efficient too. Thank you all.” Mr R

“I really have no idea how you manage to cram so much in, but would like to take this opportunity of saying thank you, and I can only hope that one day the media will wake up to the fact that there are some MP’s who do a fantastic job.” Mr P

“I have lived in Torquay all of my life. Adrian is the first MP we have had who puts his constituency work at the top of his priorities and the first truly local MP.” Mr P

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