Cable Companies Clean Up Your Act - Or Residents Will

Last November Clifton with Maidenway Councillors Ian Doggett and Adrian Sanders highlighted some of the cable boxes and power sub stations in their ward to BTOpenreach, Virgin Media and Western Power.
Nearly every cable box in the ward has some form of graffiti on it making the area look untidy and uncared for.
They complained that there is no identification mark on most of the street equipment or a contact number to report vandalism and asked the companies to clean up their property as well as suggesting a new way forward to reduce the likelihood of further attacks.
“Excuses and delay were the initial responses from the cable and power companies,” reports Cllr. Ian Doggett. “They think it's the job of the public to find out who owns which box, find out how to contact the company and then complain.
“We suggested the companies could involve local schools and colleges in the design of a print or photograph that could adorn the boxes making them more attractive, or better at blending into the street scene, while giving local youngsters a sense of ownership. In other countries pictures or attractive designs are used to act as a disincentive to spraying graffiti over a plain box.
Cllr Adrian Sanders says: “To date Western Power have cleaned up their sub-stations in the ward. BTOpenreach report they have dealt with the problem where we have identified the boxes, but the vast majority remain as they have been for over three months spoiling the area.
“Our view is that the companies are responsible and should regularly check their equipment. It should be a fixed cost of their very profitable business models.
“We have written one final time to warn Virgin Media and BTOpenreach that after three months of correspondence waiting for action and a reply to our suggestions we think it would be perfectly reasonable for residents to now take matters into their own hands and apply a neutral grey undercoat to any box covered in graffiti.”


Contact: Adrian Sanders:-07712 633476,

               Ian Doggett:-07814 306224

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