Torbay's Children's Services to be managed by Plymouth

At a meeting of Torbay Full Council, on 20 July, where the Council is set to relinquish management of Children’s Services to Plymouth City Council, questions will be asked regarding Torbay Council taking more seriously the needs of children in Torbay

Torquay Liberal Democrat councillor for Ellacombe, Cindy Stocks, said: “It was inevitable - Torbay having failed two inspections in succession - that the government would demand that Torbay should lose managerial responsibility for children’s services. With management set to move down the road to Plymouth it is even more important that Torbay Council as a whole takes its responsibilities seriously. The Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council are demanding that we have, following inspection, a good service in the near future for Torbay children, with a view to becoming an excellent service shortly thereafter. Torbay children deserve better than what our Conservative council have achieved for them”

The questions are as follows:

Q1. Can you please advise me how Children’s Services outcomes have been built into the appraisals for all the senior management team across Torbay Council?

Q2. Can you please advise me how you have celebrated success within the safeguarding team for children’s services by staff?

Contact Cindy Stocks mobile: 07787 766544

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