A Cruel Betrayal of our Town Centres

Torbay Conservatives perform double u-turn and decides to buy Amazon warehouse near Exeter

Local residents have been outraged by the news that the Conservative-dominated Torbay Council have gone ahead with an investment of £15 million in a new warehouse for an online retail giant located outside of Torbay.

Staggeringly, local Conservatives decided to make the investment despite the fact that Torbay’s Tory leader openly acknowledged the harm being caused to our high streets in Torbay.

Torbay’s Lib Dems had lead the opposition to the investment for many months and it seemed they had convinced the dominant Conservative group against the investment. But in what appears to be a double u-turn, local Conservatives went ahead to back the

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson Lee Howgate said: "Torbay's Conservatives have betrayed our town centres, local businesses and residents in Torbay. At a time when our high streets are crying out for investment, local people are rightly outraged that our  council is using taxpayers' money to help out the big online retailers. It really makes you wonder: do they care about the plight of our town centres at all?"

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