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Torbay fines its own company

Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council have discovered that, over recent months, the council has charged its own joint venture company Tor 2 more than £42,000 in fines for uncollected waste and recycling. This follows a period in which thousands of households faced missed bin and recycling collections due to a problem with retention of HGV drivers by the contractor.

Liberal Democrat councillor Mandy Darling said: “I have been inundated by complaints from frustrated residents who feel let down by this basic service they pay their council tax for.”

The Torquay Councillor went on to say: “When I was advised of the scale of fines I asked the Conservative councillor responsible for this service if the council would consider ending the contract with Tor 2 as there seems to be a failure in getting the basics right. I was very disappointed that he discounted this suggestion.”

Question and response below:-

Over the last 12 months what charges have the council raised against TOR2 for failing the waste and recycling contract? I would like these figures on a month by month basis.

Month                        Amount Deducted
May 2017                         £8910.00
April 2017                        £4620.00
March 2017                     £5830.00
February 2017                £3410.00
January 2017                   £8470.00
December 2016              £5940.00
November 2016              £3190.00
October 2016                  £2420.00
September 2016             £0.00
August 2016                    £0.00
July 2016                          £0.00
June 2016                         £0.00
TOTAL                             £42790.00

Contact – Cllr Mandy Darling mobile: 07195 66606

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