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(10th January 2016)


Many people are concerned that the work to convert the mansion into a private luxury hotel should have begun in January 2013. The costs of maintaining the grounds and the buildings are falling on local council taxpayers or being taken from a fund set up following the sale of the Fernham nursing home and Fernham woods to McCarthy & Stone. Meanwhile new costs have fallen on taxpayers for accommodating services previously housed at Oldway, while rent-paying tenants have been evicted. 

Petition to the Mayor:

I, the undersigned call upon Torbay Council to Keep Oldway for the Public by setting up a Community Trust and inviting applications for Trust members to take over control of the Oldway Estate.

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    Melvyn Newbery does not support any particular political party.

    He is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He was formerly a member of the Institute of Quality Assurance and is a retired International Standards Organisation Lead Auditor and Facilitator. He has been working with Torbay Council and for the community as a volunteer Communities In Action co-ordinator to protect our South Devon farming and wild life heritage, and locally to fully restore Oldway and Fernham Mansions, Theatres and Gardens as a 24 hour per day Civic Centre and international visitor attraction.

    The vision now is to ‘Go back in time, with and Eye to the future’ and recreate a 21st Century Victorian Village of natural valleys and wild life, with transport by humans, horse/donkey, elephants, electric tram and boat. This global attraction includes all land, beach, sea shore and sea life of Tor Bay located between the streams flowing down Cockington Valley and Victoria Park.

    Please help by joining:

    Please will carers, paramedics, under employed painters, decorators, horse lovers, cleaners, waiters, chefs, guides, receptionists, managers, information + cyber technology and accounts staff plus students of South Devon College, employees of Torbay Hospital and Torbay Council who desire to volunteer and work in Oldway, Preston, Paignton give their details on:

    The priorities at present are:

    0/ the media/publishing industry to inform the world what is happening in Torbay and the need for donations to, Torbay Country Club and Brunel Country Club.

    1/ to link PNP website to a new PCP website

    2/ to paint the door, and open the Tea Rooms in Oldway Mansion

    3/ to fix a Police traditional blue light outside the old BBC studios opposite the Rotunda.

    4/ to support the Police, Fire and Rescue, plus BBC Devon to move into [a]Oldway, [b]Fernham, and ©Community Brunel Bank [heritage premises corner of rear access lane to Pembroke House, Seaway Road, and Torquay Road]

    5/ to raise the Local Development Order (s)

    Employees of Torbay Council 01803 201201 and Torbay Community Development Trust 01803 212638 have the experience and integrity to assist everyone.

    We live in a very beautiful holiday area which needs to promote good local government, good business, good morals and ethics, good physical and mental health for all locals and visitors.

    Yours faithfully, signed M P Newbery

    Melvyn Newbery
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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