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(10th January 2016)


Many people are concerned that the work to convert the mansion into a private luxury hotel should have begun in January 2013. The costs of maintaining the grounds and the buildings are falling on local council taxpayers or being taken from a fund set up following the sale of the Fernham nursing home and Fernham woods to McCarthy & Stone. Meanwhile new costs have fallen on taxpayers for accommodating services previously housed at Oldway, while rent-paying tenants have been evicted. 

Petition to the Mayor:

I, the undersigned call upon Torbay Council to Keep Oldway for the Public by setting up a Community Trust and inviting applications for Trust members to take over control of the Oldway Estate.

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  • signed 2016-01-26 17:01:22 +0000
    Disgraceful what is happening
  • signed 2016-01-25 20:30:21 +0000
    I lived in Kings Road, Paignton for 20 years and went to Oldway Primary School (With Paul Hawthorne).

    Oldway Mansion and the surrounding grounds provided me with the happiest childhood memories one can have. Please do something positive with Oldway and don’t let it deteriorate anymore like the rest of the town. Having lived away for 25 years, I cannot believe the state of my childhood town now when I come ‘home’ and visit my parents and siblings – it’s part of the English Riviera and should be heralded nationwide.

    Oldway is one of true gems of the bay and should be polished and put on display.

    I now live in Hull, which for years has been disparaged at every opportunity by the media, but through Culture and engagement things are on the up and it’s soon to become the UK’s City Of Culture in 2017. A Paignton boy, organised this for Hull – a festival for 30,000 people. I’m certain there’s folk down in my hometown who can make Torbay great again. Culture is everwhere and everyone in it. Engagement is everything. Let the people have their say.
  • signed 2016-01-25 19:54:34 +0000
    You are doing the right thing. It’s outrageous what’s happened and there should have been a ‘time penalty’ set by the Council on the developers. They’d have had to do something then or pay up.
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
  • signed 2016-01-24 17:19:37 +0000
    As someone who has not only hired rooms in Oldway Mansion, but as a qualified West Country Tourist guide knows it’s history, I have always been against the sale of the building. It should have always remained for the use of the public.
  • signed via 2016-01-23 18:50:28 +0000
    Grew up in Paignton across the road from Oldway. It’s a disgrace what has happened. Please save it.
  • signed 2016-01-23 18:11:00 +0000
    As a recent resident in Paignton, I value this wonderful building. It would be a financial asset to Paignton, bringing in visitors etc. and therefore much needed income to Paignton. How can such a lovely building be left to rot!
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    When are councils and government going to get it into their heads that commercial developers are not to be trusted to adhere to original agreements?

    Commercial style contracts should ALWAYS be used with copious penalties included to protect the public’s assets from these greedy developers who, lets face it, are only trying to make as much money as possible from a deal for themselves. They should not be viewed as philanthropic agents !

    (p.s. My thoughts extend similarly to The Pavillion in Torquay !)
  • signed 2016-01-21 12:53:48 +0000
    My wife and I got married there in 1995 plus my wife worked for ITT from 1960 and used to watch the making of Isadiora Duncan.

    It us a stunning building and we must negotiate to take it over ,raise funds to restore and also get a shareholder group to run it.
  • signed 2016-01-21 12:15:28 +0000
    The lack of action is becoming a criminal act against the interests of the people of Paignton
  • signed 2016-01-20 18:10:32 +0000
  • signed 2016-01-16 22:39:58 +0000
    I am greatly saddened by the decisions made regarding `oldway. In the right hands it could be a successful hub for local people across the board as well as visitors to torbay. I am wondering if it is the culture now not to care of wonderful assets that belong to the people of the area. Oldway needs to be brought back to life again not left to become a ruin.
  • signed 2016-01-13 20:33:42 +0000
    This is such a beautiful building and lovely grounds and to leave it to rot is a disgrace.Why do we always need more luxury hotels .Cary green is another example ,leave it alone and let the people of Torbay have some say in what they care about.
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  • signed 2016-01-11 00:50:31 +0000
    We need to keep Oldway for the people
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    Don’t privatise Oldway, sell off the Mayor’s house instead!
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    Sign Adrian Sanders' petition to keep the Oldway estate in public hands
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  • signed 2016-01-09 22:47:15 +0000
    It was given to the people of Paignton and should be kept as such not to go to someone who will make a big profit from it
  • signed 2016-01-09 22:39:36 +0000
    Oldway is a very special building both historically and architecturally. It should be preserved for the people of Torbay and also be promoted as a destination tourist attraction which would bring people and cash to Torbay.
  • signed 2016-01-09 19:20:44 +0000
  • signed 2016-01-09 19:09:44 +0000
    A lifetime of memories for me and my late parents and now my children have been made from days out ,picnics, tennis feeding the squirrel’s.

    Keep it forever for all, for Paignton.

    For future generations.
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    As you were elected in then it is us the people that you serve and work for. Listen and you will learn exactly what WE want not the few elect that claim to have our interest at heart.