Torbay’s first Conservative/UKIP budget condemned by Liberal Democrats

Gordon Oliver the Conservative Elected Mayor for Torbay has unveiled £12 Million cuts to Torbay’s budget for the forth coming financial year 2016-17.  With subsequent cuts of £10 Million for the following two years this totals £32 Million Cuts to the Councils budget. 

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Massive win for Torbay Lib Dems in Clifton with Maidenway

Adrian Sanders (Liberal Democrat), who was elected as Councillor for Clifton with Maidenway Ward By-Election on 5th November with 70% of the vote said:

"What a fantastic by-election result you delivered on November the 5th: nearly 70 per cent of the vote in a five cornered contest that all of the parties fought hard. 

Thank you to everyone who helped or donated. Your contributions resulted in a tremendous victory and tribute to Ruth Pentney for her work in the ward as well as to Cllr Ian Doggett and his reputation as an excellent Liberal Democrat Councillor. 

The changes on the right are from the local election in May when national factors influenced voting behaviour."



Congratulations to Adrian Sanders, newly elected Liberal Democrat Councillor.

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'Dog's dinner' Torbay Corporate Plan

The Torbay Corporate plan, which had previously been rejected by the overview and scrutiny committee has been approved despite the fact that only 18 people had responded to the consultation process.

At Thursday night's full council meeting, Cllr Steve Darling said: "It's fair to say that this is a dog's dinner of a report, and I know a dog's dinner when I see one.

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