Torquay to be left in the cold

Plans by Conservative-controlled Torbay Council to close Torquay Connections are set to be challenged at the next Full Council meeting by Torbay Liberal Democrat group leader Steve Darling.  

The Watcombe councillor said: “It would appear that, despite over 60% of users of this shop front of the council choosing to use the Torquay office, the council are hell bent on closing this down and only allowing people to engage with the council on a “face to face “ basis in Paignton. The not so hidden agenda is that the Mayor has reverted to his roots in estate agency and found a tenant for the office space in Torquay.  If this is going to be forced through, the council should consider using one of the units that they own under Tor Hill House as an opportunity for the council to engage with the community.” 

The question to be put on the 3rd February is as follows:

“It would appear that Torbay Council is hell bent on closing down the Connections office in Torquay   What investigations have been made into providing a shop front for “face to face” contact with the public in Torquay town centre?  “

Cllr Steve  Darling

Under One Roof – The BIG Homeless Musical

Does your dog have a chip on their shoulder?

From 6 April 2016 the law concerning dogs and microchips is changing.

This new law will state that all dogs, over the age of 8 weeks, will be required to have been implanted with a working microchip and that up to date contact details of their owners are available on a registered database.

If the microchip and contact details are not in place dog owners could face a fine of up to £500!

The change in law has been put in place to try and reduce the number of stray dogs that cannot be reunited with their owners due to there being no way of identifying who the dog belongs to. It is already a legal requirement to make sure that a dog is wearing a collar and ID tag when in a public place, which includes if it strays from a private property and onto public land.

Paignton Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Doggett  who is chair of Torquay & District Cats Protection and a keen supporter of the dogs trust said “Micro chipping is a very sensible way forward.   Many of us really value our pets and this is an excellent way of ensuring that if the worst happens and we lose them we can be swiftly reunited with our dog”  

“If a dog cannot be returned to its owners quickly it will have to stay in kennels, with fees mounting. This is frustrating for all concerned, especially owners when presented with a bill for their dogs unplanned stay at kennels. This new legislation requires owners to keep contact details up to date with the microchip company, or face a fine. So if you are moving home, sell your dog or give them to someone else, don’t forget to update your details.

Running up to the new legislation being introduced, some veterinary practices around the country have been offering free or reduced cost microchipping. Check with your local vet to find out more about this as they may have special offers available.

Under the new laws, there are also penalties if someone who is not authorised by a qualified vet tries to implant a microchip. Database companies will also be penalised if they fail to update and keep accurate records. The full legislation can be read online under The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 and can be found here:


Torquay Harbourside Coffee Kiosk quizzing set for Full Council

Tormohun Liberal Democrat Councillor Mandy Darling is set to quiz Torbay Council about a coffee kiosk that caused controversy amongst traders earlier this summer. Cllr Darling said, “In early August the kiosk was granted a three month extension to come up with an alternative to their current proposals.  Four months have passed and traders have contacted me concerned that planning rules are not applied equally to all residents. Whatever is going on, Torbay Council needs to ensure that it is open and transparent, otherwise it is human nature for people to imagine the worst. “

Her question is set to be put at Torbay Full Council on the 10th of December. The question is as follows :

Traders around Torquay Harbour have contacted me concerned that the new Torquay Harbour side coffee Kiosk continues to operate when planners only issued a limited permission this summer. Why is it still operating? Should a new site be found for such a business, will it be open to tender? 

Cllr Mandy Darling

Contact 07919566606

Calais Refugee Solidarity - Torbay

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader has taken a lead in promoting a compassionate approach by the UK to dealing with the refugee crisis. Back in September he spoke passionately on the matter in his Conference speech.

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Timebank expansion praised by local Lib Dem


Edgar S Cahn, civil rights campaigner and Bobby Kennedy’s speech writer made a special trip to Torbay this week to officially launch the Torbay Timebanking scheme.

The launch event, which was held on Monday 16th November at the Windmill Centre, Pendennis Road, Torquay was well attended, with people from across the Bay keen to find out more about the scheme and opportunities to join the Timebank in their local area.

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