Torbay Lib Dems Campaign for Better Homes

Torbay has a significant shortage of affordable rented homes, having less than half (8%) the national average of Social housing in Torbay with 1921 households on Torbay council’s Housing register for house holds in housing need.

The short fall in Social rented housing stock has resulted in larger than average number of private landlords in Torbay. This can result in some cases parts of our community suffering from high numbers of houses in multiple occupation and anti-social behaviour.

The Conservative government plans risk making matters far worse by selling off Housing Association homes on the cheap and by reducing social housing rents it means that Housing Associations are backing out of developments in Torbay.

Torbay Council has no housing strategy and regularly under spends on affordable housing. In fact last year Torbay spent £1.7 million on Beach huts and nothing on affordable homes for local people.

So what would Torbay Liberal Democrats do about this?

  • They have been demanding that money ear marked for housing is spent by the Tories on housing

  • Demanding that a housing strategy be developed to give Torbay a plan to improve the housing in Torbay

  • Advocated currently empty buildings such as the old B & Q building in Toore & Emprty Westward housing offices off St. Marychurch road is used for the building of affordable homes

  • Advocated a housing investment fund to buy up poor quality houses in multiple occupation and improve the quality of housing


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