5th of May - your chance to help us Axe the Mayor

Torbay’s two tory Mayors could not have been more chalk and cheese in character. The first having all vision and no detail, spending huge amounts, over £600,000, on consultants to write his plans.  The second shies away from vision and strategy ignoring professional advice, closely controlling the councillors and seemingly reacting to situations in a random and haphazard manner.

In both cases the Mayors have pursued their own agendas despite opposition from their own councillors, sponsoring vanity projects such as the Babbacombe Downs fish restaurant and the building of beach huts, in both cases at great cost and the latter with an uncontrolled overspend.

During February, Torbay Liberal Democrats conducted a Mock Election inviting people to cast their vote on the streets of Torbay using the actual wording of the Referendum; Keep the Current Mayoral System or Axe it for a Leader and Cabinet system. 
88% of those participating wished to Axe the mayoral system.
Many of the comments collected from Torbay residents were very telling:

  • Concern over the power in the hands of one person 
  • The Mayor doesn’t listen to anybody
  • Does nothing about (affordable) housing 
  • Concerns over the handling of Oldway mansion and the Pavilion
  • Willingness to damage the harbour side areas and give away greenspaces.
  • Lack of delivery of better paid jobs.
  • Too much attention to developers
  • Cost of mayoral system

Take part and make a difference on the 5th of May. Give your ward councillor the chance to get things done and represent you properly, by voting for the leader and cabinet option on the ballot paper.  Vote to Axe the Mayor in Torbay’s Mayoral Referendum.

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