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Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council are set to reject a call by the Conservative-controlled council to bankroll the Torbay Air Show following its £250,000 loss this year. 
The three year commitment would see the underwriting of the project to the tune of £211,000.  The opposition group on Torbay Council are also concerned that there is no contingency plan in case the event is washed out by bad weather.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council Steve Darling said:” The Torbay Air Show was a great weekend and it was good for locals and visitors alike, however gold-plated. We wish the council's finances were in a position to bankroll such events but, sadly, the Conservative government are imposing £19 million in  budget cuts on the Council over the next three years.  In a year when we have seen £333,000 worth of cuts to the potholes budget and the closure of Connections in Torquay and Brixham and massive cuts to the public health budget, it is difficult to justify what many will see as a vanity project for the Conservative mayor and his mates on the council. “
 Cllr Steve Darling went on to say: “Elsewhere on the council agenda on the 21 July there is an opportunity to invest in employment space that will bring all year round jobs to the bay, direct income for the council and increased business rates.  We will be seeking assurances about local employment and trai

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  • commented 2016-08-23 16:28:37 +0100
    I think the claim it injected £4.8 million into the local economy needs to be shown for the nonsense it was.
    My back of an envelope calculation suggests if 100,000 attended as claimed then the total expenditure it would be reasonable to presume would be £10 per head or £1 million; 20% of what the public are being led to believe. So to spend £250,000 to earn £1 million is much less impressive.
    If 100,000 visitors did attend then the car park receipts would show £5 x 25,000; if there were 4 people to a car would have generated £125,000 or half the cost of the show. It should be easy to verify the car park receipts.
    If these 100,000 were made up in greater part of residents of Torbay then the total number of parking tickets issued over the two days would give a clearer indication as to the real number of visitors.
    I believe the number of visitors from outside Torbay could have been as low as 10,000.
    So the Torbay residents subsidised the Airshow effectively for their own entertainment.

    The claim this was a public relations exercise is what I take exception to because the council showed themselves to be completely inept in promoting this Airshow more than a 5 mile radius of Torbay, with all the negative publicity in the South Devon papers leading up to the event with the £25 parking charges fiasco.

    This is absolute gold for the Lib Dems because it shows the Tory councillors can not organise what should have been a pretty easy event to promote and manage. Instead they killed the event through their own poor judgement and PR skills in raising so much negative publicity before the event.
    And there motivation was personal vanity, so they could all swan around feeling self-important.
    Plus issues of graft with two or three Tory councillors standing to benefit through their businesses from the Airshow.
    Don’t allow the media to be sidetracked by the visual spectacle. The Airshow could be a good tourist attraction.
    Simply these councillors don’t have the intelligence to organise the event and should not be in positions of authority. Their ineptness is damaging the local economy; possibly irreprebably and they deserve to be publicly ridiculed for their vanity and arrogance.

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